PRICES:  We reserve the right to change prices as market conditions change.  Many field grown palms are priced by the Over All Height- OA or Clear Trunk inch or foot.-CT, and each tree’s finial measurement and cost is determined at the time the tree is trimmed & dug for shipment.  Container grown plants are priced by the size of container they are grown in.  The sizes of the plants in the containers vary.

INSPECTION:  Customers are encouraged to come to the field and select the exact trees they wish to purchase. Otherwise, we will choose the strongest, most hardy plants available for you, of the size range you have chosen.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee to only select and pack healthy palm trees.  We guarantee to properly trim, measure, dig and wrap the root ball for the field grown palms selected and to assist in loading the palms for transport. We have no control of the trees after they are shipped, and so our responsibility ends upon shipment.

SHIPPING INFORMATION:  We ship container palms, up to 5 ft. height, via UPS, in the US only.  All Container Grown palms are shipped bare root or with a minimum amount of moist soil depending on state regulations of the destination state, and to reduce shipping cost without harming the plant. Old palm fronds and leaves over 4 ft. in height are removed to reduce transplant shock on the palm and so large palms fit into the 60 inch maximum box dimension.  Shipping charges for container grown palms are calculated automatically and added to your check-out total when you order online.

For wholesale truckload shipments of Large field grown palms, we can refer you to specialized palm tree transporters for shipments through out Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Currently, no B&B palms are permitted entry from Florida into Texas, Nevada, and California, due to various state regulations and quarantines.  Freight charges are not included in our prices, and are the customers responsibility. Call for a list of palm transporters to be faxed to you.

PACKAGING:  Container Grown plants: We generally pack only one size and species per box.  Palms taller than 5 ft. will require additional shipping and packing charges.  Field grown palms are trimmed, measured, dug, then the root ball is wrapped for shipment, and the fronds are tied up together.

PAYMENT TERMS:  All orders require payment in full before shipment.  We accept all major credit cards for orders placed online. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at the farm or offer other credit terms. A 50% refundable deposit is required with the order to reserve palms for up to 30 days.  All orders require payment in full before the palms are dug, bagged and balled and loaded on a truck.

FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE POLICY:  All sales are on a first come -first serve basis, based on the time the deposit payment is received. Wholesale customers can select and reserve their palms up to six months in advance of shipment with a 50% non-refundable payment.

QUALITY: We only produce and sell palm trees that are healthy, free of disease, and selected to be of premium quality.

WHOLESALE: To be eligible to buy wholesale, the purchaser must: 1) supply a copy of their state resale tax certificate, 2) complete a reseller/grower application, and order in wholesale quantities, 100 + container plants or truckload quantity on larger palms. Volume discounts are available on some plants, please request a quotation.  Wholesale prices are shown on our web site and available to all purchasers.  Volume rebate checks are mailed in December based on wholesale customers annual purchase volume over $10,000.