We are located in the heart of Central Florida, where we have an expansive farm growing nothing but  gorgeous Palm Trees.

Our Palm Fronds are available year round for many uses such as
  • weddings
  • special events
  • Floral Arrangements
  • worship services
  • celebrations

Stripped Double Palm Leaves

  • Delivered in packages of 100 and are ready to be distributed at services.
    Palms leaves are fresh cut each spring from our fields of palm trees in Florida.
  • These palm leaves are natural hues of green, yellow and brown.
    Upon arrival, remove the palm leaves from the shipping box and store in a well ventilated, cool space.
  • The plastic bags will help the palm leaves retain their moisture and freshness.
  • If you allow the palm leaves to freeze or dry out, they will turn golden brown color.

 Fresh Cut Fan Palm Fronds

4 pieces per bag.

These can be used for:

  • table decorations
  • floral arrangements
  • ceremonies
  • holidays

Date Palm Fronds

Fresh cut daily, they are an open leaf and work well for any kind of flower arrangement, table decoration, holding to wave in ceremoniesand celebrations.
  • Palm fronds need to be treated like cut flowers.
  • Remove from shipping box.
  • Place stems in water.
  • Plastic bags should be kept on the leaves as long as possible to ensure freshness.
  • Fan palm tips are usually brown. This is the natural way it grows.
Hardy Palm
2102 N. Shannon Ave Plant City, Fl 33563

Life At Hardy Palm Trees

A few pictures and videos from around the grounds.

Today, Hardy Palm Tree Farm continues our family’s traditions; love for God first, love of family, love for the environment, love for animals, and our love of the family farm lifestyle. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and a clean environment led us to add goats, chickens, turkeys and emus to the palm tree farm. We like to call our animals our “little farm workers” because they trim the weeds, mow the grass, catch the bugs, and fertilize the property the old fashioned, natural way.

Chickens & Turkeys

All Animals