The first roots of the operation go back a long way, all the way back to 1820 when Mark Jordan’s great x5 grand-father and their family came to Florida to homestead a tract of land granted to the family by the King of Spain. The Jordan’s family heritage of faith and agriculture run deep with many generations of farmers, pastors and missionaries in the family tree.

However, the Hardy Palm Tree Farm began in 1999 when Mark and Berta Jordan carefully planted over 30,000 palm tree seeds on their agriculture property in beautiful central Florida, where the weather and rich soil conditions are perfect for palm trees to thrive. Each seed was placed in a small container with rich potting soil, and then nurtured by Florida’s abundant sunshine and rain. As each baby palm seedling out grew its pot, it was transplanted into a larger pot, until one day being transplanted into our fields to grow for many more years.

It takes a lot of faith and patience to begin a farming operation, knowing that it would be over ten years of hard work and expense before those little seeds became stately, exotic palm trees ready to be sold and transplanted in our customer’s landscape.

We are proud to be known as “Florida’s palm tree experts” by people from around the world. Whether you need advice about a palm tree for your landscape, or you seek consulting services for a date palm plantation of thousands of acres outside the US, Hardy Palm Tree Farm is ready to help you with your palm tree project.

Life At Hardy Palm Trees

A few pictures and videos from around the grounds.

Today, Hardy Palm Tree Farm continues our family’s traditions; love for God first, love of family, love for the environment, love for animals, and our love of the family farm lifestyle. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and a clean environment led us to add goats, chickens, turkeys and emus to the palm tree farm. We like to call our animals our “little farm workers” because they trim the weeds, mow the grass, catch the bugs, and fertilize the property the old fashioned, natural way.

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